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North Otago Team Rules

Now you have a team list we would like you to name all players for that team in the playing order for the whole season.

So if a player is ranked #3 that is where they play for whole year. If say #1 away then they would play #2 and the next week #1 back so they drop back to #3 but they can never play #4 or #5.(if you have a new player that joins then can change the order for rest of season)

In doubles the #1 must play in the #1 doubles combination the rest of the order can be whatever team wants eg.#1,5 #2,6 #3,4 it makes for some good management to get the team win.

Order of play.

Singles to be played first starting with #6. You can wait till end of singles to name your doubles combinations (some teams do this to see how they placed after singles and where they think they can pick up the win)

Singles 1st to 9 and tie break at 8 all (1st to 7)

Doubles same as singles but is short DEUCE.

When playing doubles only first round to be played in order 1&2, 3&4, 5&6

Second round any combination can be used so long as #1 plays in top doubles.


Score sheets must be filled in and left at grass courts each week

No fill in players to be used unless have paid registration to North Otago and we don’t want players swapping between teams unless has been cleared by North Otago Committee.

All balls are the property of North Otago and need to be returned at end of play.